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How To Make The Background Of A Logo Transparent 2020

Is It Possible To Make The  Background Of A Logo Transparent?

A logo with a transparent background can be important to have a good rating design and information. It provides you with more ways to where to place your logo without any hindrances. It also makes the design looks professional and attractive. So it will be very nice to have a transparent logo for your businesses and services. In this tutorial, I am going to reveal to you the best website to make your logo have that transparent background. And this can be used for any other images you might have as well.

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Before we begin, I would like to introduce myself once again. I am Godwin from We review products and applications on this platform every week. You can subscribe to our youtube channel here for free tutorials about making money online, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, product reviews and anything in between. So if you like this type of pieces of training, then please consider subscribing to our channel here once again to get notified anytime we upload these free tutorials.

Now the website that we are going to use is called It is a free website that you can use to remove the background from your images and logo. And am going to show you step by step guide about how to make your image or logo transparent. We are going to learn this in just 4 easy steps. Watch it below.


Log on to

Once you are there, click on the upload file and upload your desired image from your computer. In this tutorial, I am going to use a logo that I designed on and downloaded it to my computer.


Once your picture is uploaded, click on transparent as seen and marked with the arrow in the image below.

Now you have a transparent logo as seen in the image below.

Now the next thing is to click on apply as shown below to get your transparent logo ready for download.


Once you click on apply, scroll up and hover over the file and select save image as shown in the image below. Then click on it and it will take to the next page where you will select the mode in which you would like to save your logo with.


On this page, select Save As PNG as shown in the picture below. After clicking on save as PNG, your logo or image will be downloaded and save onto your computer.

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This is how you can make your logos or any image you have to be transparent. And this will bring us to the end of today’s tutorials on how to make the background of a logo transparent. Please watch the full video tutorial on our youtube channel here for more understanding. And please also do not forget to subscribe to our channel here for you to get notified for new free tutorials like this.


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